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About the investment

Perydot is a pioneering design of an office building build by P.B. BUDOTEX. Preparations for the project took several years. The office building will be built with the use of construction and finish materials of the highest quality.

Perydot is situated in the south of Wrocław, at the junction of two main exit roads – Wiśniowa street and Karkonoska avenue. The distance from the city main square is only 7 kilometres, and from the A4 highway – 2.5 kilometres.

The building has 5 storeys. The first two serve as a garage with 98 parking spaces for cars, 9 spaces for motorbikes and 18 spaces for bikes. The remaining three storeys, built in an open system, create office space of over 4000 square metres, which can be arranged according to Tenants’ needs. On every storey, in the central part we have located social and sanitary rooms. There are terraces, accessible from two storeys. For people who ride bikes, there will be locker rooms and bathrooms with showers on every storey. There will also be a special recreation room for pregnant women.



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